Curriculum Area and Curriculum Lead(s)

Geography Department

Sarah Williams (Head of Geography, 2i/c Humanities)

Curriculum Area vision and general information about the CA e.g. successes and strengths

Geography is a developing subject at The Hereford Academy and has had successful results in recent years. It is a popular choice at GCSE level and the aim of our area is to engage pupils with the world around them, both in a physical way and also to understand the influence of humans on their surrounding and one another.   Our ultimate aim is to foster an awareness of the impact they can have on the world and to think critically about this, becoming globally aware citizens!

We encourage enquiry based learning which is differentiated to suit the needs of the learners and good progress is generally made by all students. Another important aspect of our area is the development of the pupils not just as learners, but as individuals. We try to include field trips were possibly, but definitely at KS4 so they have chance to study geography in action.

KS3 provision summary e.g. topics covered, links to SOW/overviews and homework

We have a varied KS3 curriculum which aims to develop skills, understanding and questioning skills. All that we cover will support their learning at KS4 should they decide to continue with their studies.

Year 7 – Introduction to Geography, Skills unit on mapwork and how to use atlases, Coastal Studies, Weather and Climate, Settlements and Tourism.

Year 8 – Ecosystems, population issues, Weathering an Erosion, Environmental concerns, Africa – a nation of contrasts, Introduction to rivers and flooding.

Year 9 – Natural Disasters, Development, Plate Tectonics, Global Fashion and Globalisation, Crime and Investigating Brazil.

KS4 provision summary e.g. topics covered, links to SOW/overviews and homework

We are currently studying the WJEC Eduqas GCSE spec A in Geography. The topics that are covered include:

  • Distinctive landscapes
  • Landform processes and change (rivers and coasts)
  • The flooding issue
  • Rural – Urban links, including population change and Global Cities.
  • Tectonic Landscapes and Hazards (volcanos, earthquakes and hazard reduction)
  • Weather, climate and ecosystems,
  • Development and resources, including global inequalities and water resources.
  • Social Development, including contemporary development issues.
  • Pupils are also required to complete at least 2 field work studies as part of the course.

KS5 provision if relevant



Mrs S Williams – Head of Geography

Mr S Tudor – Teacher of Humanities

Miss E Manuel - Teacher of Geography

Extra-curricular activities

Every week there are revision sessions for KS4 – check latest revision timetable for exact days but currently are:

Tuesday – Geography revision and Catch up

Wednesday – Geography revision and Exam Technique

Exam information and any revision support

Useful websites:



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