SENCO - Mrs C Atkinson

Mission Statement

Our purpose is to support the academy aims of "Achieving life in all its fullness", by delivering Wave 2 and Wave 3 Interventions in accordance with Government policy.


The Learning Zone has a team of skilled and specialist trained staff who are able to offer various tailored programmes to either individuals or groups depending on their pastoral and educational needs. We support learning in the classroom by providing additional one-to-one or group work, and run specialised literacy, numeracy and behavioural interventions for students who need support to achieve their full educational potential, whatever that potential may be. We work with a wide range of students, from those needing pastoral support, EASL, students with AEN, and Gifted and Talented students. We also provide support the learning across the curriculum with Learning Support Workers working with targeted students in all subject areas.

Useful documents


Apostrophe examples.pdf

Approaching and Analysing Texts


Connectives examples.pdf


Effective Paragraphs
Effective Paragraphs examples.pdf


Homophones and Easily Confused Words
Homophones and easily confused words examples.pdf

Point, Evidence, Explanation, Exploration.pdf


Effective Paragraphs.pdf

Punctuation examples.pdf


Sentence Structure
Sentence Structure examples.pdf


Sequences for Writing
Sequences for Writing examples.pdf


What is SLAPPS?.pdf

Tense examples.pdf

Varying Sentence Openings
Varying Sentence Openings examples.pdf


Vocabulary and Techniques
Vocabulary and Techniques examples.pdf
Vocabulary and Techniques examples - PART 2.pdf


Writing to
Writing to Argue and Persuade.pdf
Writing to Describe.pdf
Writing - PowerPoint.pdf

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