Finance & Wisepay

Finance - Opening Times

8.00 am to 8.30 am (Before School)


10.10 am to 10.30 am (Break Time) KS4

10.55 am to 11.15 am (Break Time) KS3


1.00 pm to 1.35 pm (Lunch Time) KS4

1.10 pm to 1.45 pm (Lunch Time) KS3


3.00 pm to 3.15 pm (Tuesday to Friday)


The Finance Office is closed on Mondays from 1.25pm until the end of the day

Finance Price List

  • Erasers - 10p
  • Pencils - 10p
  • Pens - 10p
  • Sharpeners - 10p
  • Rulers (15cm) - 15p
  • Rulers (30cm) - 20p
  • School Tie - £3.50
  • Sketch Pads - £2.60
  • Memory Sticks - £4.84
  • Padlocks - £3.50
  • Planners - £2.00
  • Drinks Bottles - £2.00


Parents can now top up cashless catering balances using a credit or debit card online.

Please note, log in details will be sent home to all parents / carers. Anyone wishing to start using the system sooner may contact the finance department via email at

To top up, please click on the image link below, which will take you to the Wisepay website:

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