Students need to attend regularly if they are to take full advantage of the educational opportunities available to them. The Hereford Academy has high expectations for attendance and punctuality.

Every student should attend every day that they are required to attend. The Hereford Academy is committed to providing an education of the highest standard for all its pupils and recognises this can only be achieved by supporting and promoting excellent school attendance.

This is based on the belief that only by attending school regularly will students be able to take full advantage of the educational opportunities available to them.

High attainment and consistent, positive progress are dependent on good attendance.


Statutory duty of schools:

The Education Act 1996 requires parents and carers to ensure their children receive efficient, full time education, either by regular attendance at school or other provision.

Schools are responsible for recording pupil attendance twice a day: once at the start of the morning session and once during the afternoon session.  Lesson registers are also taken to highlight any truancy within the school day.


The Government expects that:

  • Schools will promote good attendance and reduce absence, including persistent absence. Attendance is expected to be 100%, however, any attendance below 97% is a cause for concern (attendance that is consistently below 90% or below is classified as ‘persistent absenteeism’) and will be discussed with parents or carers as to how attendance can be improved.
  • Schools will ensure that every student has access to full time education to which they are entitled and act early to address patterns of absence, by working in partnership with parents and other agencies.
  • Parents and carers will perform their legal duty by ensuring their children of compulsory school age who are registered at school attend regularly, and punctually, in accordance with the school’s ‘home school agreement’
  • All pupils will attend, and be punctual for, their lessons with the equipment needed to access the subject.

Parent and Carer responsibilities:
Parents and Carers are legally responsibility for ensuring that a child of compulsory school age attends the school that they are registered at regularly
The school expects that parents and carers will ensure that:

  • Their children attend school regularly and punctually and that they are made aware of the school’s responsibility to address late arrivals

  • Students report to the school office if they arrive late 

  • They support their child’s attendance by keeping requests for absence to a minimum and provide evidence for appointments, failure to do so may result in the absence being unauthorised
  • They contact school on every morning of absence or give the duration of the absence if known in advance 
  • Their children arrive at school on time and if necessary collected on time, properly dressed and with the right equipment the day
  • They work in partnership with the school, for example by attending parent meeting and consultations, taking an interest in their child’s work and activities
  • They contact the school immediately if they are concerned about any aspect of the child’s school life

Recording attendance:

Students must arrive punctually at 8.30am each morning, registers close at 9.05am.  Students arriving late must enter school via the main reception area, where the time and reason for their lateness will be recorded.
Afternoon registration times are as follows:
Monday 11.40am  Tuesday – Friday 12.25pm

  • Class registers will remain open until 9.05am. Any pupil arriving after this time will be recorded late and recorded as an unauthorised absence.  Parents or carers will be asked to explain persistent lateness before or after registration closure and required to ensure improvements are made to their child’s punctuality.
  • If a student is unfit for school, parents or carers are asked to contact the school on each day of absence by 9am.  If a student is absent at morning registration and no explanation has been forthcoming by the close of the school’s registers, the Attendance Officer or other staff member will contact parents/carers to establish the reason for absence.
  • We request that parents/carers provide as much information as possible as a decision to authorise or not authorise the absence is made by the Head teacher.  We may contact you for more information to support the absence.  You may be required to provide evidence to support the absence from your GP or other medical professional 
  • A student’s absence from school may be considered a safeguarding matter and we may need to consult with other agencies if we have received no information from you 
  • In the case of the absence at registration is due to an early morning medical appointment, the absence will be recorded as authorised provided prior notification has been received and evidence provided to support the absence. We may not authorise the absence if this evidence is not provided. 
  • A written explanation must be sent into school for all absences on the student’s return to school; even if parents have already informed school in a call, text, or email at the time of absence.  Notes received from parents with explanation of absence will be kept for the remainder of the academic year. If there are attendance concerns about the student that may be that my need further investigation, then the notes may need to be retained for a longer period

The school will follow up any absences to:

  • Ascertain the reason 
  • Ensure the proper safeguarding action is taken 
  • Identify whether the absence is approved or not 
  • Identify the correct code to use before entering it on to the school’s electronic register and the management information system (SIMS) which is used to download data to the school census The registers are completed using the prescribed codes.  Information about registration codes can be found on the following website: 


Absence from school:
At the Hereford Academy we recognise the clear links between attendance, progress and safeguarding students.  Student attendance rates will be monitored on a weekly basis.  
If a student’s attendance is a cause for concern, the parents/carers will be informed in writing of the school’s concern.   Parents will be encouraged to ensure they keep their child’s absences to a minimum.  
The attendance of these students will be monitored by the school and if no improvement is noted action will be taken.  School will always attempt to work with parents/carers and students to try to remedy the problem.
At registration each morning and afternoon, any student who is not present will be marked as ‘unauthorised absence’ unless leave has been granted by the school in advance or the reason for absence is already known and accepted by the school as legitimate.  
Where a reason for absence is given and accepted by the school at a later stage, the register will be amended in such a way that the original entry and the amendment or correction is distinguishable.  
A note or explanation from a student’s parents/carers/other does not mean an absence is deemed authorised. The decision regarding the authorisation or not of any absences rests with the Head teacher.

Internal absences

Any sudden absences that occur during the day will be reported to the school office.  If a student leaves the school premises the parents will be contacted and it is their parental responsibility to return their child to school.  
Please ensure you keep school updated with any change of address and contact numbers (home and work) and names of other family members/friends we may contact if necessary.  
Current safeguarding guidance states parents must provide current details for more than one adult.


  • In cases of recurring absences through illness, parents may be asked to produce supporting evidence 
  • If the authenticity of illness is in doubt, the school can request parents provide medical evidence to support illness absence.  The school can record the absence as unauthorised it is not satisfied with the authenticity of the illness but should advise parents of their intention.  Medical evidence can take the form of – prescriptions, appointment card or letter from the GP/medical professional.

Attendance Policy

For further information, please view our Attendance Policy (download pdf below).

Contact us

If you have any questions please contact our Attendance Line:

Mrs T Thomas: 01432 373570 option 3 or 01432 373588


Mrs S Horton - 01432 373570 Ext: 148


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