Summer School


Summer School

Every summer holiday, The Hereford Academy hosts a summer school for the new Year 7 students to help them settle in before their big move.

The summer school contains a variety of fun activities, including lessons in literacy, numeracy, PE, science, food technology and film making.

Also, in previous summer schools, students have attended trips to the Harry Potter Studio in London and the Dr Who Experience in Cardiff; something similar is organised on a yearly basis.


Testimonials from parents

“Hollie has enjoyed all the activities and meeting staff members and new friends.”
Hollie Butt

“It has been a fantastic opportunity for my child and she has thoroughly enjoyed the last two weeks. This has really helped with the transition between primary and secondary school and has helped to make the first day next week less daunting. Our thanks to all who have made this happen as it really has been good. It’s a shame it doesn’t happen every Summer!”
Megan Linfoot

“A wonderful opportunity for the children and ALL staff and volunteers should be highly praised for the hard work, time and effort they have put in. A huge credit to The
Hereford Academy. Well done!"
Tyler Arnold

“Overall I think it’s a brilliant opportunity to help children with the transition from
Primary to secondary school. My daughter has enjoyed every aspect (not just the
excursions!), and definitely feels more confident about starting in September. I’d like to extend my thanks to the school and all staff involved.”
Mollie Scammell

“I would like to say thank you to all the stadd. I think this Summer school is a fantasic idea. Even if my child has said he hasn’t learnt anything, he’s wrong because he’s learnt lots. Thank you again.”
Bradley Davies Calder

“This experience has made her more confident and relaxed about joining. Thank you to everyone!"
Rose Probert

“I think it is a very good idea and all the schools should do this. It would have helped me if it had been available when I was at secondary school.”
Declan Eacock

“A brilliant idea, thank you very much! A comment from my daughter is “It’s been
Hannah Price

“Nicole has enjoyed it very much and has talked endlessly about the activities she has done. Many thanks to the staff who have put themselves out to make sure the children have enjoyed themselves. Thank you!”
Nicole Williams

“I feel that the whole Summer school has been absolutely fantastic. As a parent, I would have worried about my daughter’s first day at “Big School” but I now know that she will go to school on her first day and she will not be worried or nervous. She knows her way around the school and she knows a handful of teachers (whom she says are all lovely). She has thoroughly enjoyed the wonderful trips. She loves reading and she really enjoyed the Roald Dahl trip; finding out about where he sat to write his books, looking at the silver paper from the biscuit wrappers and seeing part of a bone from his body. She has also enjoyed the on-site activities.
The fact that the Summer school was all free is important because it meant that no child would be excluded from participating. Children who are part of a family with limited 5 means were able to attend and joined in, regardless of their family’s financial circumstances.
Big thumbs up! It really does help when you can let your child do what the other
children are doing and you don’t have to say no because you can’t afford it.
I have spoken to parents whose children that have attended Summer schools at other
secondary schools and they have been so envious when I have told them about what my daughter is doing at the Academy.
I would like to thank all of the teachers and staff that have made this possible.
In a nutshell – The Hereford Academy Summer School – an experience not to be
Jordan Preece

“Thomas loved the Summer school!"
Tom Jones

“My son enjoyed the Summer school very much and it has definitely helped him feel less worried about starting Year 7 and a new school. Thank you.”
Andrew Whitehead

“I think that the Summer School has been brilliant and helped prepare the new Year 7s.
Maisie New

Summer School
Summer School
Summer School
Summer School
Summer School
Summer School

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