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Advice, Guidance and Content for Parents and Students during the period of School Closure
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In-Year Admissions


In- Year Admissions

Admission to the Academy during the academic year depends on whether a further admission would prejudice the provision of efficient education or the efficient use of resources at the school or not.  Applications must be made directly to the academy on a form available from the Academy reception, or via the school website. 


In-Year Admissions Process


This outlines the procedure for parents who wish to apply for a place for their child at The Hereford Academy, “in-year”, that is other than where they are to start school in Year 7 at the beginning of the academic year. (If you are applying for a Year 7 place in the normal admissions round or you are applying late for your child please see our Admissions Policy). The Academy will co-ordinate its own in-year admissions and applications, should be made as described below, and NOT to the Local Authority, as is the case for normal admission round and late applications.


If you are considering moving your child to The Hereford Academy you are welcome to contact the school office to arrange a date and time to have a tour around, if you wish.

Please note, this does not guarantee that a place will be available and the online application procedure below must be followed:


.         Request an admissions/transfer form from the school, or complete an online version  

·        Email the completed form to the school - 

·         We will then contact you in writing to let you know whether a place is available, or not. If you are offered a place at our school, the offer letter will then instruct you to make direct contact with us to arrange a mutually convenient start date. If it is not possible to offer a place at our school, we will inform you, in writing, as to the reason for the refusal as well as informing you of your right of appeal.  The relevant Local Authority will also be informed.

·         At The Hereford Academy we do maintain a waiting list for in-year admissions.  If your application has been unsuccessful and we have been unable to offer a place, you are welcome to contact the school office if you wish your child to be included. Priority on the waiting list is determined according to our over-subscription criteria (see Admissions Policy) and not the date a child is added to the list. If a place were then to become available, we would notify the School Admissions team and they will notify parents of the vacancy on behalf of the school. 

·         A waiting list is maintained until 31 December for Year 7, see 2.15 School Admissions Code. Thereafter, waiting lists are maintained until the end of each term.

·         Parents will need to reapply if they wish to be included on the list for the following term




To view the policy in full, please click here.


For the Admissions Policy for 2024-2025, please click here.


For the Admissions Policy for 2025-2026, please click here.



Please return completed application forms to 

Appeals Timetable

Appeals Timetable for allocation of places for September 2024. 

Appeals for secondary transfer into Year 7 and Reception intake received by the closing date are normally held during May, June and July each year.  The proposed appeal timescales for secondary transfer and reception intake for September 2024 will be as follows.

Allocation Day – the day emails are sent out informing parents of which school they have been allocated a place1 March 202416 April 2024
Deadline for appeal applications (at least 20 school days)

No later than

12 April 2024

No later than

15 May 2024

Deadline for appeals to be heard (within 40 school days)

No later than

17 June 2024

No later than

17 July 2024

Appeals will be heard betweenMay/JuneJune/July


Appeals lodged after these dates (late applications) should be heard 40 school days from the deadline for lodging appeals, where possible, or within 30 school days of the appeal being lodged. (Schools Admissions Appeals Code Oct 2022; 2.3a)


Appeals in respect of in-year applications, where possible, will be heard within 30 school days of receipt.  If you decide to request an appeal after 6 June, it may not be possible to offer an appeal date before the end of summer term.  Appeals are not held in the school holidays.  Appellants (the person/s lodging an appeal) will receive notification of the date, time, and venue of their appeal date at least 10 school days before the hearing. 


Appellants and the admission authority must provide the clerk, with any relevant and requested documents, within the specified timetable.  The clerk to the panel will send to the panel, the appellants, and the admission authority all the documentary evidence to be considered at the hearing, within a reasonable time before the date of the hearing. 


Notification of the panel decision will be provided to the appellants in writing within 5 school days, after the hearing, unless there is good reason. Decisions of Appeals Panels are final and binding on both the Admission Authority and the school.  DHMAT engage independent external appeal panels and clerks to process their admission appeals. 


Admissions appeal requests for any DHMAT schools must be in writing, by email, to with Admission appeal referenced in the subject line on the email, or by post to: Canon Andrew Teale Admissions Appeal, Unit 11, The Business Quarter, Ludlow Eco Park, Sheet Road, Ludlow, Shropshire, SY8 1FD

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