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Advice, Guidance and Content for Parents and Students during the period of School Closure
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The Hereford Academy

'Seek to do good to one another and to everyone’. Thessalonians 5:15

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The aim of PSHCE is to enable students to make their own decisions and to take responsibility for their own lives and communities as well as developing the knowledge, skills and attributes they need to keep themselves healthy and safe, and prepare for life and work.

It teaches them life skills, decision making and empathy. They become more aware of the world around them and provide them with the skills and knowledge to overcome challenges and issues they will face both in their lives whilst still at the Hereford Academy and when they leave. Students will learn when to seek guidance and support, and where this can come from, as well as recognising risks that they may come across.

We want students to be well-informed about the society they live in and tolerant of all cultures and to show respect for people from all walks of life. Teaching them how to form opinions based on fact and experience, and to be confident in expressing these opinions in a safe environment.


The study of PHSCE further develops important cross-curricular knowledge and skills through teaching an understanding of Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural (SMSC) matters, including British values.  Our core values of care, aspiration, trust, respect and resilience and we use these to connect our curriculum content more widely. Rich opportunities therefore exist for the development of character, citizenship, cultural awareness and wellbeing.  Coverage of these aspects ensures students are able to learn effectively, know how to live safe and healthy lives, as well as understanding how they can promote democracy, diversity and tolerance in our wider world.

PHSCE lessons are used sensitively and inclusively to teach Relationships and Sexual Education, compulsory in all secondary schools. This is an age-related programme taught when it is developmentally appropriate. We are respectful to the backgrounds and beliefs of children and their parents while aiming to ensure the knowledge they need of the law is provided. Our programme for Relationships and Sexual Education builds on the knowledge acquired at primary school by developing further an understanding of health, with an increased focus on the risks of alcohol and drugs.

We also introduce knowledge about intimate relationships and sex. Teaching about mental wellbeing is also central to these subjects, especially as a priority for all of us is our children’s happiness. Our curriculum prioritises giving young people the knowledge and developing the capability to take care of themselves and receive support is problems arise. 

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