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Advice, Guidance and Content for Parents and Students during the period of School Closure
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The Hereford Academy

'Seek to do good to one another and to everyone’. Thessalonians 5:15

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  • Dark Purple School Blazer with school badge
  • Black tailored trousers with hem width not less than 7” or skirt with school badge (20” drop)
  • Academy Tie (green, white and dark purple)

The above three items should be purchased from The School Uniform Shop or via the following links:

Girls Trousers:  Boys trousers must also be in a tailored style

Girls Henley Pleated Skirt:

Girls Lucton Straight Skirt:

  • White Shirt
  • Dark Coloured Socks, and or dark plain tights for girls
  • Black Shoes (suitable for the work place – suitability will be decided by the Academy i.e. no logos, no canvas – trainers are unacceptable for any activity other than PE)
  • All students should have a school bag for their equipment and books: this should include a pen, pencil and ruler.


Coats can be worn to and from school but are to be removed once sat down ready to work in the classroom.


Jewellery: One small plain stud which can be worn in each earlobe and a watch are the only acceptable items.  No facial piercing to be worn at any time (this includes retainers).   Other items of jewellery are considered health and safety risks and should not be worn.


Make up: It is not necessary for students to wear make-up or nail polish to the Academy. The Academy will, however, accept students wearing make-up that is inconspicuous. Students will be asked to remove conspicuous make-up. 


Hair Styles: Hair styles should be suitable to the working environment. If students’ hair is long then the Academy will expect it to be tied back for all practical sessions.  Hair, if dyed, should be a natural colour.  Students will not be permitted to attend lessons if their hair colour is considered unacceptable.  If necessary exclusion from The Academy will be considered.


Equipment: Students are expected to be equipped with the following items: pens (1 blue, 1 black, 1 green), rubber, pencil, ruler, pencil sharpener, protractor, pencil case and school bag.  Form tutors will be asked to make regular checks on these items.


The Hereford Academy are proud the have one of the only 3G football pitches, and the first built in the County. Because of the special playing surface only certain boots are allowed.


• ALLOWED: Standard football boots with round studs (moulded or screw-in studs without sharp edges). These can be bought quite reasonably in high street sports shops.

• NOT ALLOWED: Flat shoes including standard trainers as they will damage the surface over a sustained period.

• NOT ALLOWED: Boots with only chevron shaped moulds and blades are strictly prohibited as they will cause damage to the pitch over a sustained period. Using these type of boots on a 3G surface could also lead to an injury.

• ALLOWED BUT NOT RECOMMENDED: Astro trainers ARE allowed but are NOT recommended.

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