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Achievement through Perseverance

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Out of School Learning 


All students of French are required to complete vocabulary learning as homework on a weekly basis.  Each student has been issued with an A5 red exercise book to facilitate their independent language learning.  Students will also have access to login information for, and they can get this information from their teacher.


Students in Years 9, 10 and 11 will also have access to GCSE online learning platforms to facilitate their vocabulary learning and grammar practice.


Students are required to learn the words set for each week of the half term and they are tested on these words at the beginning of each lesson.  Scores are collected every three weeks.  Those who score highly will receive post cards home and extra house points.


Students requiring extra support are invited to attend French vocab club on Tuesdays, at lunchtime, from 1.10pm in either F83 or F84.


This retrieval practice is designed to boost independence and to accelerate progress during lessons.  Students will receive a new vocabulary booklet at the start of each half term.


M Francis

Head of MFL

Curriculum Area and Curriculum Lead(s)

Modern Foreign Languages

Mrs M Francis – Head of Curriculum Area

Curriculum Area vision and general information about the CA e.g. successes 
and strengths

The vision for MFL at THA is to inspire enjoyable language learning in an encouraging learning environment.   The MFL curriculum area is comprised of a collaborative team founded on support, challenge and empowerment to ensure the delivery of a rounded MFL provision that introduces and sustains a thirst for knowledge and understanding, as well as a love of learning.

We promote a culture of openness and trust to enhance and develop this vision. We strive to raise standards of achievement across the key stages and to establish effective approached to learning and teaching that further our whole-school strategy to raise aspirations.  

French is the core language at The Hereford Academy. In a world where skills in communication are becoming scarce, more and more employers are looking for an ability to converse in a language at any level.

French is introduced at Year 7 and students study the language until the end of Year 8, where they can opt to study it for GCSE. We pride ourselves on our increasing uptake at Key Stage 4 over recent years.

We believe that the way to learn a language is to immerse oneself in it through doing. This will involve regular instances of group and pair work, opportunities to use Information and Communications Technology, learning about the form and function of language as well as finding out about the culture of French-speaking countries.


The team ethos is one of high expectations, perseverance and a language curriculum that offers enrichment as well as instruction. Enjoyment of learning leads to increased attainment.

KS3 provision summary e.g. topics covered, links to SOW/overviews and homework

All students have access to an MFL provision of 2 hours per week throughout KS3 since Jan 2016. This is proving highly effective in terms of retention of language learnt and enabling students to recall prior learning more easily.

MFL Milestones are available for Years 7 & 8 – See Milestone Curriculum.

KS4 provision summary e.g. topics covered, links to SOW/overviews and homework

At KS4 all students have 3 lessons per week (3hrs) of French. There is a balanced approach to all four skill areas – Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing.

There are regular 1:1 support sessions offered after school as well as group interventions when required.

Year 11  – 2-year Edexcel French (9-1) Specification 2016
Year 9 & 10– 3-year Edexcel French (9-1) Specification 2016

KS5 provision if relevant



Mrs M Francis – HOCA
Miss K Owen – Teacher of MFL 

Extra-curricular activities

Normandy Trip

Spanish Club – Wednesdays 1.40-2pm

 Year 9 & 10 1:1/catch up – Tuesdays 3-4pm

 Year 11 1:1/ catch-up/revision – Wednesdays 3-4pm

Exam information and any revision support

KS3 – online support for learning/access to homework.  Teachers may set some work via 
Students will be given login details, but they will be required to access their school email accounts to receive the work set.  Students will benefit from having access to the digital textbooks being used in lessons. 

KS4 – online support for learning and online homework tool.  Teachers will use to set homework and to monitor and feedback to students.

KS3 and KS4 – all students should be using:


All MFL students at THA now have access to  
Student access details can be obtained from their teachers.  For copyright purposes, we cannot share these on the website.


Year 11 Revision Timetable Autumn 2018


GCSE retrieval practice_Modules 1 and 2.pdf

GCSE retrieval practice_ Modules 3 and 4.pdf

GCSE retrieval practice_ Modules 5 and 6.pdf

GCSE retrieval practice_ Modules 7 and 8.pdf

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