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History Department

Miss L Hill

Curriculum Area vision and general information about the CA e.g. successes and strengths

History at Hereford Academy is a vibrant and successful subject. For the past three years, GCSE History has been the most popular option subject. Students are thoroughly engaged by the creative and challenging nature of topics at both KS3 and KS4. The History Department strive for excellence; our curriculum is highly differentiated to suit the needs of our students, as well as enabling them to develop increasing independence and critical thinking.

Our learning is enquiry based as we encourage students to develop key skills such as: interpretation, change and continuity, cause and consequence and significance. Most importantly, history at Hereford Academy is about helping students to engage more effectively with the world around and explore the themes, issues and questions that ultimately interest and excite them!

KS3 provision summary e.g. topics covered, links to SOW/overviews and homework

We are very passionate about ensuring students achieve their very best at KS4. We therefore have a strong KS3 curriculum which covers many of the topics that students will need to confidently understand at GCSE level. The aim of this is to ease students’ transition to GCSE History from KS3. For each unit at KS3, students will be given a homework project. They will have a series of weeks to complete this homework.

Year 7 – Tools of the Trade (an introduction to the key skills in history), Disasters (Titanic, Chernobyl and Hillsborough), An Introduction to Warfare: Saxons and Vikings, 1066 and the Middle Ages, society, religion and warfare.

Year 8 – Tudor Society and the English Reformation, The Elizabethan Age, Slavery, People of the Revolution: The English Civil War, the French Revolution and the Russian Revolution and we end the year studying Victorian Society.

Year 9 – What frightens people in the twenty-first century: the rise of modern terrorism, World War One, World War Two and the role of warfare in both World War One and World War Two.

KS4 provision summary e.g. topics covered, links to SOW/overviews and homework

We are currently studying the following topics as part of   WJEC Eduqas GCSE History:

  • Germany in Transition 1919 – 1939 (non-British depth study)
  • The Elizabethan Age 1558 – 1603 (British depth study)
  • The Development of the USA 1929 – 2000 (Breadth study)
  • The Development of Warfare in Britain c.500 – present day

Students will be set regular revision tasks as well as past paper questions to complete at home.

KS5 provision if relevant



Mrs T Everard – Head of Humanities

Miss L Hill - Teacher of History

 Mr S Tudor – Teacher of Humanities

Ed Snelgrove – Head of School

Extra-curricular activities

Every week there are 2 revision extra-curricular clubs for KS4 students:

Year 10 History Revision + Catch Up

Year 11 History Revision + Exam Technique

Exam information and any revision support

Tools of the Trade - Big Picture Overview.pdf

Tudor Big Picture.pdf

Terrorism - Big Picture - All sets.pdf 

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