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Physical Education

Subject Department and  Lead(s)

Subject: Physical Education


Head of Department: Mr A Davies

Curriculum Area Vision and Intent

Needs to link to the Academy’s overall Curriculum Intent Statement

Here you state what is distinct about your Department in terms of its  planned content and provision

Can also include its successes and strengths

The PE department strive to deliver a curriculum that engages, empowers and educates students, enabling them to lead a healthy, active lifestyle and remove barriers for those who dream of working within sport.

We are proud to have seen the number of students that have excelled within our subject area over a number of years. On average, students from all backgrounds, have achieved about ½ a grade more in comparison to similar schools nationally.

Our vision is fundamental to our success and endeavour. We believe that every child matters and that every child is capable of achieving above and beyond. This vision has been designed around 5 key underpinning values:-

1. Trust

We will ENGAGE students in the learning and the loving physical activity, through working with others and delivery of a wide range of activities.

2. Resilience

We will ENCOURAGE students to learn from their mistakes, to own their learning and help improve others.

3. Respect

We will EDUCATE students to respect their selves and others in order to lead healthy, active lifestyles.

4. Aspiration

We will promote ELITE attitudes, performance and knowledge, both practically and theoretically, in all students.

5. Care

We will provide a range of EXPERIENCES that will inspire a love of sport and PE beyond school.


Practically we provide a curriculum that allows students to develop a range of core and advanced skills across a number of traditional and non- traditional sporting activities. Lessons are also tailored to improve leadership, independent and collaborative skills.

We provide a knowledge connection through the learning of key rules and theory based topics such as muscles, bones and components of fitness. This provides students with the underpinning knowledge to excel through theory PE and lead a healthy, active lifestyle.

We run a number of extra-curricular activities and fixtures. We provide inclusive clubs so that students of all abilities can experience sport in a less pressured environment, whilst also providing the opportunity for students to represent THA and compete in an organised fixture programme. We also provide links to local clubs and county teams to provide further sporting opportunities.


KS3 provision summary

 e.g. topics covered, links to SOW/overviews and homework

YEAR 7 + 8

The focus of delivery in year 7 will be around developing core PE skills and techniques that are required to perform in competitive situations through experiencing a range of individual and team activities. We will also provide opportunities to develop independent, leadership and collaborative skills through these and students work in mixed gender and ability groups.


Year 7 also get an extra session of PE that will be used to develop a knowledge connection of key health and fitness processes. Topics for this include, strength and conditioning, the effects of exercise and methods of fitness training.


Students in year 8 will study a similar programme of activities to year 7. The focus in these lessons will be cementing the use of core skills and introducing students to the various advanced skills that can be learnt and applied to competitive situations. Students will be introduced to key language and assessment linked to GCSE practical criteria and applying it to their performance. A standalone fitness module will be delivered to give students ideas of how they can maintain fitness and wellbeing at home. Students will work in single gender, mixed ability groups.


Year 9

Students in year 9 will have 2 practical PE lessons and 1 OCR/GCSE taster theory session. Practical lessons will be based upon developing core and advanced skills further and assessment using GCSE criteria. Students will be set in order to tailor the correct level of challenge to their practical performance ability. Students will start applying key components of warm ups, muscles, bones and components of fitness to their PE lessons. During the theory taster sessions, students will study topics based on nutrition, principles of training, reducing injuries and psychology in sport. Each unit will have a piece of controlled assessment that will need to be completed. We will provide resources via google classrooms to help support this process.


Students will be offered the opportunity to attend a trip to an Outdoor Activity centre at the end of year 9.


All students will experience the following activities across a Key Stage

KS3 Core PE Activities










Outdoor Education




(Y9 only)








KS3 Curriculum Maps





KS4 provision summary

e.g. topics covered, links to SOW/overviews and homework

YEAR 10 and 11


Students will experience 2 practical sessions plus an OCR theory lesson. Practical lessons will be based upon development of skill and experiencing a wider range of sporting activities such as volleyball, handball and dodgeball. Fitness activities will be tailored to designing and performing effective training programmes.


All students will study the GCSE equivalent OCR Cambridge National in Sport Science. This course is designed to educate students about nutrition, fitness, being safe during exercise and psychology.  The OCR qualification is achieved by completion of 3 components of controlled assessment and 1 external examination. Students are graded from a Level1 Pass to a Level 2 Distinction*.


During OCR sessions, students will complete a number of knowledge and skill based lessons before completing a number of assignments across the 2 year programme. The topics covered will be based upon applying principles of training, nutrition and sport psychology. In year 11, students will sit an external exam in January based reducing risks in injury. This topic will be taught in winter term to prepare them for this.


OCR GCSE PE is an option that students can opt for in year KS4. This is a vital qualification for any student who is pursuing a career in sport or regularly competes at a competitive level. The qualification is 60% assessed through 2 1 hour examinations at the end of year 11 and 40% practically assessed, through attending a practical moderation in March during year 11.


GCSE students will be following a GCSE pathway in core PE. Activities will be assessed using GCSE criteria and a focus will be made on developing all core and advanced skills, applying this competitively, as well as developing levels of fitness. Theory lessons are based on developing knowledge and skills in the topics seen below in the table


Year 10 GCSE Topics

Skeletal System

Muscular System

Cardiovascular System

Respiratory System

Effects of Exercise

Components of Fitness

Fitness Tests

Methods of Training

Principles of Training

Reducing Risk of Injuries

Planes of Movement


Rotation of Axes

Year 11 GCSE Topics

Social Influences


Influence of the Media

Barriers and Strategies to Participation


Violence in Sport

Mental Preparation

Types of Guidance

Types of Feedback

Characteristics of Skilful Movement

Goal Setting

Skill Continuums


Social, Mental and Physical Wellbeing




As well as numerous quizzes and assignments set via google classrooms, GCSE PE students will be set regular retrieval quizzes via KAHOOT and OCR students will be given a log in to an online learning and revision platform to help when completing set assignments.


KS4 Curriculum Maps








Up to date list and school email addresses

Mr A Davies – Head of Physical Education


Miss H Major – Deputy Head of Physical Education/ Head of Lincoln House


Miss A Ward – Teacher of Physical Education/Head of Canterbury House


Mr R Webster - Teacher of Physical Education/Head of Salisbury House

Extra-curricular activities

We offer a wide range of extra-curricular activities during lunchtimes and after school. These will vary each half term and can be found on the extra-curricular timetable available on the Hereford Academy website. Activities are aimed at both students who are wanting to compete in competitions and those who want to attend for recreational purposes.

*Please note that due to current guidelines, our comprehensive extra-curricular programme will be limited. The updated schedule will be available once the guidelines have been updated.

Exam information and any revision support


OCR (1-9) GCSE PE Specification and resources


Key Term Glossary

OCR Cambridge National


Coursework Support


Out of School Learning

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