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Physical Education

Out of School Learning

Curriculum Area and Curriculum Lead(s)


Aaron Davies

Curriculum Area vision and general information about the CA e.g. successes and strengths

The PE department aim to inspire students to become excellent people and excellent performers. We understand that not every student will become a national sporting hero and our curriculum is tailored to allow students to progress at their own pace and experience activities that they may carry on with once they have left The Hereford Academy.

The PE department believe in the importance of collaborative thinking and learning and the development of students who take ownership of their own learning.

We have a varied and exciting extra-curricular timetable which changes each half term and covers a variety of team and individual activities. We have developed links with a number of local clubs and developed pathways through KS3 into KS4 and 5 for students to succeed and potentially move into a sporting career path. A number of our students play sport at county level.

At KS4 we deliver GCSE PE and BTEC Level 2 Award in Sport. As a department we have recently recorded our best ever GCSE PE results and are looking to improve further this academic year. We have a strong teaching unit who inspire students to want to achieve highly.

At Post 16 level we currently deliver level 3 sports studies. Again, our students succeed highly and over 70% of our cohort have gone onto University over the past 5 years.

KS3 provision summary e.g. topics covered, links to SOW/overviews and homework

KS3 Core PE

As students pass through years 7 to 9 they will experience a variety of activities that will help develop their skillsets in a wide variety of activities and also develop the key personal qualities required to become a successful student throughout KS4 and beyond. The curriculum is designed to enable students to lead healthy, active lifestyles and develop their sporting potential.

What are the Activities?

The students are set based upon their sporting ability and activities are tailored towards student needs in order to progress and become confident participators in sport. The programme of activities that are to be delivered can be seen on the Yr 7 – 9 activity schedule on this site.

KS4 provision summary e.g. topics covered, links to SOW/overviews and homework

KS4 Core PE

As students pass into KS4 they will be split into three strands or groups. Firstly there will be a performance group. This is made up of students who have selected GCSE or BTEC PE or are motivated by competitive activities. This will mainly be focused around team type activities and development of leadership and performance analysis.

The second group will be based around development of skill and fitness in a range of sporting activities. This will be a combination of competitive and non-competitive and will be more focused on aesthetic and individual activities and development of learner profiles.

The third grouping will be focused on developing levels of fitness and engagement in PE. Activities will be less traditional and will vary according to group abilities. There will be a further focus on learner profiles and an education on nutrition and activity.

What are the Activities?

The activities will build upon traditional activities that have already been taught (football, rugby, basketball, netball, hockey, trampolining, fitness, athletics, rounders, tennis, cricket) and introduction of newer activities (handball, benchball, dance, volleyball for example), dependent on which groups students are set into.


KS4 Theory in PE

At KS4 students are currently studying either GCSE PE or BTEC Sport Level 2 Award. Each course is worth 1 GCSE.

GCSE is currently made up of a practical component, worth 40% of the final grade, and two one hour papers at the end of year 11, which covers 60% of the final grade. Lessons are a combination of both practical and theory.


In year 11 our students are studying the BTEC Level 2 Award. This course is 90% coursework based covering topics such as practical sports and training for personal fitness. Assignments are marked internally and moderated externally. 10% comes from a 1 hr exam that has to be completed. Students need to achieve at least a Level 2 Pass in this assessment to have any chance of achieving a Level 2 overall.

KS5 provision if relevant



The department currently has 5 full time members of PE who have expertise in a number of sporting areas. Mr Davies and Mr Webster make up the boys side and Miss Ward and Miss L Davies the girls side.

Extra-curricular activities

We offer a wide range of extra-curricular activities during lunchtimes and after school. These will vary each half term and can be found on the extra-curricular timetable available on the Hereford Academy website. Activities are aimed at both students who are wanting to compete in competitions and those who want to attend for recreational purposes.

Exam information and any revision support

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