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Advice, Guidance and Content for Parents and Students during the period of School Closure
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The Hereford Academy

'Seek to do good to one another and to everyone’. Thessalonians 5:15

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At The Hereford Church of England Academy, we want the students to eat well, at a reasonable price in a dedicated canteen area which provides them with an attractive area to eat, chat and relax between lessons.


We pride ourselves on providing good sized portions of quality food at as reasonable a price as we can – we do not make a profit on our school catering.   All items are individually priced, allowing students to purchase items to suit their personal taste and budget.  We also offer a 'meal-deal', comprising a main course or jacket potato and two fillings, with a juice, milk shake or water, currently costing just £2.80.  Fresh drinking water is available throughout the day, free of charge.   We constantly seek to improve our provision and so regularly review our menu and hold “Chef Special” events to encourage students to try new things.  The current main menu is shown below and sandwiches, wraps and a variety of puddings and fruit are also available daily.


We use a cashless system, Wisepay, for all purchases, making it easy for your child to make their purchase, and easy for you to top up their account.  Any child entitled to free school meals will have their account automatically credited with £2.80 at 11.45am each day, meaning that they can purchase their lunch without any fuss in the same way as all other children, ensuring they can access any of the items for sale, including a meal-deal, should they wish.

Our staff are all well qualified and experienced. 


We are fully compliant with relevant school food regulations and nutritional standards.  All sandwiches and other pre-packaged food made on site is fully compliant with ‘Natasha’s Law’, clearly displaying the name of the food and a full ingredients list, with allergenic ingredients emphasised.  In our most recent Local Authority Food Hygiene Inspection, we were rated 5, very good, the highest available rating.


We constantly seek to improve our provision and so if you have any queries, questions or comments I would be more than happy to hear from you. 


Nicola Rowlands : Catering Manager

01432 353570 ext 197


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